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报告题目: Self-Incompatibility in Papaver: cell-cell interactions that involve a network of signaling events resulting in programmed cell death
报 告 人: Prof. Noni Franklin-Tong
报告时间: 2011年4月5日(星期二)上午9:30时
报告地点: bet9九州登录入口1-105会议室

报告摘要 (Abstract):

Sexual reproduction in higher plants involves pollination, involving specific interactions between pollen and pistil. A key mechanism to prevent inbreeding is self-incompatibility (SI), which is a controlled by a single, multi-allelic S-locus. Incompatible ("self") pollen is rejected and compatible ("non-self") pollen is allowed to fertilize the plant. Programmed cell death (PCD) is an important mechanism responsible for the controlled death of targeted cells in animal and plant cells. We recently demonstrated that PCD is triggered in incompatible pollen. We have identified several caspase-like activities (a VEIDase and a LEVDase) that are activated by an incompatible SI response. We are currently investigating the early events involved in PCD in pollen further, and are investigating if reactive oxygen species (ROS) and nitric oxide (NO) are involved in the SI response in incompatible pollen.


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