Mechanisms of developmental timing dependent leaf morphology of rice
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报告题目:Mechanisms of developmental timing dependent leaf morphology of rice

报  告 人:  Prof. Junko Kyozuka

 Laboratory of Plant Developmental Biology, Tohoku University

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The basic strategy of plant development is different from that of animals. Plants start their life from a simple structure and continue morphogenesis throughout their lifetime. The key to this lifecycle is the activity of stem cells in the meristem. In principle, the meristem has an indeterminate activity and continues to produce next order meristems to establish an elaborate structure. However, each meristem eventually proceeds to a final determinate fate, the floral meristem, and becomes a flower for reproduction. Thus, the timing of the change from indeterminate to determinate phase is critical for plant architecture, in particular, inflorescence structure, and for successful reproduction. The aim of our research is to understand the molecular basis of the regulation of timing of the meristem phase change. We used the development of rice inflorescence as a model system and identified several genes that play critical roles in this process. Currently, we are making progress towards fully understanding the molecular and genetic roles of these critical regulators. We also use a bryophyte (Marchantia polymorpha) to reveal possible ancestral roles of the regulators and Arabidopsis to understand the diversification of their developmental functions.