Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Stem Cell Aging

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报告题目:Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Stem Cell Aging

报  告 人:秦昭,同济大学医学院教授,博士生导师。

报告时间: 6月22日  14:00-15:00


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报告简介:Stem cells maintain tissues and organs over the lifespan of individuals. Consequently, age-associated stem cell decline affects the normal function and regenerative capacity of many tissues and organ systems, contributing to aging at the organismal level. Therefore, a better understanding of the molecular and cellular control of stem cell aging is required. My lab uses the C. elegans germ line as a model to study the effect of age on stem cells. Previous work from my postdoc studies showed that reducing insulin/IGF-1 signaling suppresses age-related loss of germline stem cells and that this effect requires the downstream FOXO transcription factor DAF-16. Surprisingly, DAF-16/FOXO is required in cells at the proximal region of the somatic gonad, a region that contacts the differentiated progeny of germline stem cells, suggesting a novel mechanism of stem cell regulation at the organ system level. In my own lab, I plan to investigate the nature of germline stem cell regulation by DAF16/FOXO activity in the proximal somatic gonad and to identify and characterize new genes that regulate age-related germline stem cell loss. Together, we hope our studies will not only greatly advance our understanding of the mechanisms that underlie age-related germline stem cell loss in C. elegans, but also contribute to our knowledge of stem cell aging in general.

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